REUNITED Overwatch


Andrei Leonov

Unfixed is without a doubt one of the most consistent and flexible players in competitive Overwatch. He can play everything from sneaky assassins to heavy tanks and he’s the kind of player everyone loves to have on their team, but is so rare to find. This flexibility makes it much easier to adapt to changes in the game before our opposition. You will often see Unfixed take to the skies as Pharah or lock his opponents down as Zarya.


Harrison Pond

Kruise was the first addition to the squad, aside from the original Fnatic roster. He is an esports rookie with Overwatch being his first game as a pro, however, betting on him has proved a massive success. Alongside Morte, he fills out our second support role to round out one of the most reliable duo’s in Overwatch. Kruise is especially known to play the world’s best Lucio, as he speedboosts Reunited to glory.


Hendrik-Williams Kinks

Vallutaja is known as one the best DPS players in the game. The FPS veteran won his first Quakecon at age 16 and has been playing professionally ever since. In Overwatch, he is famous for his deadly aim on McCree and his clutch pulse bombs on Tracer. While playing at Fnatic, he won the Battlefield ESL One five times, securing his status as one of the most legendary players in the game’s history.


Sergi Torras

Winghaven is the grand old man of Reunited. He’s been playing professionally for almost 15 years and brings an incredible amount of experience to the team. In-game, he fills the role as our main tank, soaking up damage from the opponents while setting up plays. Wing is known to play one of the best Reinhardts in the game with game changing earth shatters being a regularity. Furthermore, he is our most marketed player with almost 50.000 followers on social media.


Stefan Fiskerstrand

The latest pickup for our Overwatch roster came in the form of Onigod. While previously playing for Nordic Alpha, he established himself as the best Norwegian player on the Overwatch scene. With his young age (19 years) he is one of the biggest talents to break onto the pro scene and we are excited to see how far he can take his game. On the Reunited team, he flexes between DPS and Tank classes, playing everything from Zarya to Tracer.


Thomas Kerbusch

Morte, our team captain. In many’s eyes one of the absolute top support players in Overwatch, often times saving the team with his tight resurrections on Mercy. Outside of the game, Morte is the external voice of Reunited and a true leader of the Overwatch player community. Ever since the the Battlefield days, Morte has been the backbone of the team and it is under his leadership that the team will fight for Overwatch glory.