The Reunited Candle is Burning Out

Today we are sad to announce that Reunited will cease all operations and we have allowed our players pursue new opportunities to further their careers elsewhere. One year ago we started Reunited and everyone involved with the organization had high hopes for our future together, but things don’t always go like they are supposed to. We are sorry to disappoint our loyal fanbase but hope that you will continue to support the Reunited players in the future.

Since the beginning of Reunited as an organization, we have always been striving to build one of the best clubs in the world. We started out in Overwatch as the first established organization entering the game and quickly rose to the top as one of the best teams in the world. The highlights of the team came when they reached the grand final in the 1st major Overwatch LAN at Gamescom, participated in ELEAGUE and subsequently competed for two months in the Korean APEX League hosted by OGN. Earlier this fall we also picked up a very talented Rocket League squad who competed on the biggest possible stage; the RLCS. We are especially sad to see both of our great teams go and we will continue to support the players in finding new homes.

There is a range of reasons as to why this is happening now. The main reason, however, is the timing of the Overwatch League conflicting with our internal financial model, as we are running out of money. Earlier this fall, the news surfaced that we were in talks with several large sports entities, however, none of these were successful due to the uncertainty surrounding the acquisition of league spots. To be very clear: we are not opponents to Blizzard’s work with the league and actually believe that this is what the industry needs to push forward. However, in the case of Reunited, the timing came at the worst possible moment. We look forward to following the league and cheer for the boys as they enter the most ambitious stage in esports history.

The Reunited ride ends here and it’s been a crazy one. Since the first Gosugamers tournaments during the beta with 500 viewers to the OGN stage in Seoul with hundreds of thousands of viewers; we’ve seen and fully enjoyed it all. Now, exactly one year after our birth, the adventure concludes. We are grateful for everyone who supported us along the way. Our angel investors who believed in us early on, our partners who helped take our game to the next level, Blizzard for setting the bar incredibly high by challenging the standards in esports, and of course our unbelievable fans who supported us all the way, making the whole thing possible. We hope that the Reunited legacy will live on in the minds of our supporters in the future. Stay classy all, thanks for following us through this exciting journey!


Frederik Kragh Christensen, Founder & CEO

Christian Jantzen, Founder & COO

We are hosting a Reddit AMA together with Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch here in a closing manner. – We will try to answer anything that is not conflicting with our internal confidentiality and Blizzard’s league NDA’s.

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