Reunited Ventures into Rocket League

Rocket League gameplay

As you all know, we have been building out the Reunited family in Overwatch since the beta. Since then, we have created a strong bond between both our players and fans. However, as with all families, even the tight ones, things are bound to change at some point. This is why we are extremely excited to announce our first big addition to the Reunited family; a Rocket League roster.

The new Reunited Rocket League team will consist of Thomas “ELMP” Prekel, Nicolai “Snaski” Andersen, and Ryan “Doomsee” Graham. The past six months they have been playing under their independent banners as Supersonic Avengers, proving themselves to be a top European squad after qualifying for the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) in the past weekend. Starting tomorrow, they will be representing the Reunited jersey in their fight to clinch a spot at Live Finals in December, where $250.000 are at stake. 

After the move to Reunited, the team made the following statement:

“We’re extremely happy to announce that we are joining the Reunited family. Somehow we actually managed to persuade a team to pick us up. I know, we’re as shocked as you are. They gave us a very warm feeling during our conversations and we knew 100% that they were the team for us. We are committed to supporting Reunited wherever we can and we will work together as a unit. Their support will add a new level of competitive commitment which will hopefully result in a very successful Rocket League career for both us as players and the organisation itself. We hope that the supporters and fans of both parties will give each other a warm welcome! We are extremely excited to work with Reunited and we look forward to choking in the RLCS.”

The Rocket League scene is developing incredibly fast. With the emergence of the RLCS, it has proven to be an attractive esports for established organisations. We are sure that the bet on Rocket League will prove to be a success and look forward to helping develop the growing esports ecosystem in the game. As with Overwatch, we aim to be one of the first organisations to take the plunge and show Rocket League some of the faith that it deserves. 

Our Managing Director Frederik “Huggos” Christensen had the following comment on the acquisition:

Expanding into Rocket League feels like a natural next step for our organisation. We’ve kept an eye on a lot of different games and the development of their respective esports ecosystems. We feel confident about picking up Supersonic Avengers as a top tier team for the upcoming season of RLCS – a promising league with a growing audience supported by both the game publisher and Twitch.”

The team will be on air for the first time on Sunday, as they face Summit and Precision Z for the initial games of the new season. Be sure to follow their journey towards success by tuning into Twitch every Sunday for the next month. We hope that you will all welcome the new Reunited boys as part of our family, by giving them the same incredible treatment as the Overwatch team has experienced for such a long time now.

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