Onigod joins Reunited

Onigod esports player

Today we are incredibly happy to announce that Stefan “Onigod” Fiskerstrand has joined the team in Korea.

He will be rounding out our roster as the sixth member following Kyb’s departure earlier this week. As a young talent (aged 19) he has shown extreme promise while playing for both Nordic Alpha and Team Norway during the world cup. Furthermore, he’s dedication is second to none and he has already impressed the entire team by stepping up on such short notice.

The boys welcoming Onigod to the squad

As a player, he flexes between both Tanks and DPS heroes, with some of his favorites being McCree, Tracer, Zarya, and Pharah. Although his time has been short in Korea, he has already naturally fitted in with the team and the atmosphere. Despite his young age, we expect great things from Onigod. We hope that we can help him take the final step towards becoming a world class player. 

Onigod made the following statement regarding the move: 

“Joining Reunited is the chance I have been looking for since I started playing Overwatch. I only got the call 72 hours ago. Things have been moving really fast and I can’t believe I am actually in Korea with the team right now. I hope the fans will welcome me to the family and I look forward to showing everyone what I’ve got at OGN in this upcoming week.”

Onigod’s first showing will be next week, as the team starts the quest towards glory in the Overwatch Apex League by OGN. Initially, he will be playing with the team on a 1-month trial basis during group stages, but we hope he will be the missing link we are looking for.

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